Montessori education is a multi-age, child-oriented method of education designed to assist children in their natural process of growth and development. Based on a profound respect for children, Montessori provides a structured environment for individual and small group learning. The flexibility of self-directed work with the scientifically developed Montessori materials leads to inner-discipline and provides limitless opportunities for accomplishment. Individual and collaborative work leads to independence, creativity and social development. There are successive prepared environments tailored to children of different age groups – sixteen months to three years; three to six, six to nine, nine to twelve, and twelve to fourteen.

Here at CMS, our eight classrooms are designed to be child-centered communities. All of the furniture, kitchen areas, and materials are scaled to the size of the students in the room. Great care is taken to ensure that the spaces are beautiful, simple, and inviting to the children. Students learn to work with and respect each others work space, and to treat each other with grace and courtesy. Montessori classrooms are “prepared environments” equipped with a full range of educational materials. Children’s natural curiosity leads to exploration and learning, with the guidance of a highly trained Montessori teacher. Unlike traditional education, the role of the Montessori teacher is to give individual and group lessons. Through encouragement and minimal intervention, the teacher helps establish and maintain an atmosphere of calm attentiveness and focused activity.


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  • Thank you for your interest in our school!

    Chesterfield Montessori School reopened our physical campus this past June and we are thrilled to have children back at school. We have been hard at work implementing our new safety guidelines and procedures during this unprecedented time. We are seeing first-hand how beneficial it is for our students to be in an environment that is designed to meet their unique developmental needs, along with their classmates, highly trained teachers and other loving adults.

    Since we are an intimate community, we have flexibility to meet the children’s needs in a way that just isn’t available to large schools and systems. Our five acre main campus offers large, sunny classrooms with excellent ventilation, extra indoor space and plenty of outdoor space. Additionally, we have a seven acre Land Lab in Wildwood that is available to our older students. We are committed to offering individualized education for every child, designed to support your child’s unique individual needs by implementing the authentic Association Montessori Internationale method at every level.

    While data is showing that we can educate our youngest children safely at school, we have created a strong Distance Learning option and hybrid schedule for older children as necessary, and will offer child care for essential workers, including extended care hours. (Parents and their employers determine who is an essential worker.) Our health and safety protocols have been designed in collaboration with infectious disease experts in our area, as well as the local Department of Public Health.

    Please call us at (314) 469-7150 or email to find out more. We look forward to hearing from you and learning more about your family!