CMS Elementary provides a powerful learning environment for young people. At this age, students build on the capacity for concrete learning developed in the Primary. They begin to think abstractly as their ability to reason increases. The question “What?” is supplemented by the questions “Why?” and “How?” as the students reach out to understand their world.

The school year begins with a dramatic series of lessons that demonstrate the physical structure and cosmic order of the universe. The students pursue their interests in the areas of geography, history, mathematics, geometry, biology and language. Exploration in these areas is encouraged through trips outside the classroom to community resources, such as the library, botanical garden, universities, the science center, etc.

Class work focuses on research and experimentation. The student’s imaginations are an effective tool, offering the opportunity for awe-inspiring inquiries into such areas as ancient history, chemistry, astronomy and paleontology.

Through the process of discovery, students develop their passion for learning as they grasp the idea that knowledge has no limits.

This strong academic focus is augmented by collaborative work, as well as physical education. Lessons in cultural subjects, such as visual, dramatic and musical arts, are an integral part of the elementary program. Students also receive instruction in a second language.

Graduates of CMS Elementary are well prepared socially and academically for the next step in their education. Our students consistently average within the top 10% of all students nationally on standardized tests. Our graduates have gone on to attend some of the most prestigious secondary schools in the St. Louis area.


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