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Thursday, January 7, 2021, 12:00-12:15 pm

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10 Differentiating Features of The Montessori Elementary Experience:

An Introduction to the CMS Elementary Program

Wednesday, December 16
12:30 PM to 1:15 PM via Zoom

You are invited to join us for this Zoom “Lunch and Learn” presentation!

Ms. Tina, Ms. Rosie, Ms. Kim and Ms. Lise will discuss the 10 Differentiating Features of The Montessori Elementary Experience.

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11 Secrets for a Calm and Happy Adolescence:

A Montessori “Lunch and Learn” for Families of Elementary and Adolescent Students

Wednesday, December 2
12:30 PM to 1:15 PM via Zoom

Our culture tends to think about adolescence as the earliest stage of adulthood.

While it is true that these years are a time when children begin thinking seriously about who they are and how they might contribute to the world as adults, they are actually going through a period of transformation similar to what they experienced in the first three years of life.

For this reason, Dr. Montessori referred to the Adolescents as “social newborns.”

It is a time when everything is changing: bodies, minds, emotions and spirits are volatile and, in some respects, quite vulnerable.

How can families successfully navigate this tumultuous time?

Join Ms. Tina, Mr. Mike, Ms. Eden, Ms. Lise and Ms. Kim to learn:

– The 11 Secrets for a Calm and Happy Adolescence (and how you can use them at home)

– Preparing for High School: what your child needs at this critical “in between” phase to set the stage for a successful high school experience

– How the unique features of the Chesterfield Montessori School Adolescent Program support the Adolescents’ particular developmental needs

Bring your questions while we discuss why our middle school is the perfect way to launch your child into a very successful high school career.

Here is a recording of the Zoom meeting: click here

Please feel free to share this with your family or anyone who may be interested in attending our Adolescent Program in the future.



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